The Hype of Tequila: Is Tequila Consumption Growth a Fad or a Trend?

Reading time: 3 minutes with 50 seconds. Talking about tequila is undoubtedly about flavor, fun, and good times with friends and family. But what is behind this spirit that evokes enjoyment, sensations, and recreation in every sip? This gift from Mexico to the world has become the main character of celebrations, parties, meetings, dinners, etc. […]

5 Ways to Achieve your New Year’s Resolutions by Creating New Habits

Reading time: two minutes New Year’s Eve inspires the desire for change, transformation, and starting something new. That’s why New Year’s resolutions are so popular this time. However, we often need help in the middle of the road, and time goes by without fulfilling our New Year’s resolutions, pending for the following year. Listing desires […]