The Hype of Tequila: Is Tequila Consumption Growth a Fad or a Trend?

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Talking about tequila is undoubtedly about flavor, fun, and good times with friends and family. But what is behind this spirit that evokes enjoyment, sensations, and recreation in every sip? This gift from Mexico to the world has become the main character of celebrations, parties, meetings, dinners, etc. A boom due to its incredible versatility, depth of flavor, and variety that allows you to consume it with lemon and salt or in delicious cocktails.

What is the reason for tequila’s popularity today? Stay with us, and discover everything you need to know about this liquor and why tequila consumption is experiencing significant growth among women.

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What Is Tequila? Origin Of the Drink and Meaning of The Term.

We could not begin without clarifying what tequila is if you have had more than one shot and consider yourself a true connoisseur.

Tequila is an alcoholic beverage produced from the fermenting and distillation of the juice of the blue agave pineapple. The name of this delicious drink is due to its denomination of origin since it comes from the city of Tequila in Jalisco, Mexico. 

To complete this definition, we tell you that the word “tequila” means “place of work” in the nahuatl language. Which refers to the work done by the jimador for the cultivation and harvesting of agave. 

Bonus: If you like us on Thirstday, your passion is tequila. We tell you that there are different levels of purity in this spirit. When it contains only blue agave sugar, it will have a purity of 100%. If the creator added other types of sugars derived from cane or corn, you have a mixed tequila, as long as it is at most 49% of the total sugar of the beverage. In Thirstday we use 100% agave as it will give the spirit the highest quality.

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Making Headway in The Market: Reasons for Global Tequila Consumption Growth

Global tequila consumption growth about 22% across the globe since 2010, achieving a position as one of the most sought-after beverages in the last decade.

According to Euromonitor, in 2020 alone, about 317 thousand liters of tequila were consumed worldwide! This speaks about its high popularity, acceptance, and demand in the market.

What is the cause for this considerable increase? We tell you one by one the reasons for Tequila consumption growth.

Reason 1: Awakening of Generation X’s Interest

The X generation was clamoring for alternative drinks to vodka, rum, or cognac. They see tequila as an exotic and vibrant alternative, especially in the countries of the old continent.

In addition, the generation X is constantly searching for new taste experiences that make their palate explode and fill their taste buds with ecstasy.

Reason 2: Tequila Has Become a Luxury Liquor

Yes, one of the reasons for the tequila consumption growth is its perception as a luxury product, which, according to Euromonitor, has earned it close to 45% of the global retail liquor market sales.

The agave-based beverage has had a reinvention in its image that places it as a premium product, especially in the USA.

And it leads us to the following reason. Check it out!

Reason 3: Great acceptance by premium brands and celebrities.

Art and show business personalities such as George Clooney, Rande Gerber, and Justin Timberlake are owners of premium boutique brands that not only promote tequila consumption but also turn the ingestion of this liquor into a haven for the senses. Identify its aroma, and taste the depth of its flavors.

Did you know that also, within the percentage of consumption, it is evident that women are consuming more tequila?

Let’s discover the reason for this!

Why Are Women Consuming More Tequila?

The tequila consumption growth by women has several reasons. Since this liquor has left behind that old image of a drink for men who want to get drunk, to become a luxury, innovative liquor. A liquor that increases the appetite of women consumers.

In addition, the boost of celebrities that provided a renowned endorsement in 2010 made tequila a trend that undoubtedly was here to stay.

This rich agave liquor is now one of the favorite choices of bars, hotels, clubs, and mixologists. Who bet on tequila to create high-end cocktails and offer their customers to renew classic cocktails. Such as an Old Fashioned or a Bloody Mary.

The Women Empowerment of Tequila

The tequila image reinvention leaves behind the stigma of being a drink for men. Now it is seen as a current high-end drink with a wide versatility of uses to create craft cocktails beyond a Margarita.

In addition, the growing empowerment of women in society has led them to be in constant search of new flavors and recreational experiences that satisfy their need for more and allow them to have a moment to enjoy and relax after a long day.

Pro tip: when buying a bottle of tequila, make sure it says it is made with blue agave. If it is made with another agave, you would be buying mezcal.

It’s A Wrap!

More than a fad, tequila consumption growth is a trend that will continue to increase in the years to come. The agave-based drink has managed to overcome Mexican borders and impact bars, clubs, hotels, and restaurants worldwide. Where everyone is also innovating in traditional cocktails.

Tequila managed to change its image entirely. And it became the ideal choice for those looking for that special touch of flavor in every drink.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and if you have any doubts or want to know more about it, please let us know in the comments.

Enjoy the wonders of tequila and give yourself the joy you need in your day.



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